About us

Locate Bio

Locate Bio is a privately owned UK biotechnology company developing advanced medicines using its novel technologies (TAOS® and IntraStem™) for the local delivery of biologics, cell and gene therapies. Advanced medicines such as cell and gene therapies will allow us to replenish and heal our bodies. As we continue to harness the power of our biology, treatments will become cures.


"Our mission is ambitious but our strategy is simple:
use our breakthrough technologies to develop proprietary products in our areas of interest, while providing partner companies access to our technologies for use in other therapy areas, so we can improve the lives of patients worldwide." 
Dr Nick Staples

Our History

Based in Nottingham, UK, the company was established in 2001 (as RegenTec Limited) as a spin-out from the University of Nottingham spin-out based on the research of Professor Kevin Shakesheff, a world-leading key opinion leader in regenerative medicine

The company developed a substantial intellectual property portfolio, and successfully transitioned from contract research into a product development company in 2014.



Our Present

Since 2014, the company has developed and optimised its TAOS® technology in-house and gaining ISO 13485:2016 certification. Locate has also in-licensed from the University of Nottingham, a promising new transfection technology called IntraStem for the intracellular delivery of therapeutics including gene therapy. IntraStem provides key benefits over current viral and non-viral delivery systems, including ease of manufacture. 

Locate’s lead in-house program is a next generation spinal fusion product, designed to control the release of BMP2 from TAOS®, an injectable 3-D tissue matrix, to reduce the total dose of BMP2 delivered during spinal fusions. Preclinical development will commence shortly to enable a first in man clinical study in 2021.

Locate also has a partnership with Heraeus Medical, a leading orthopaedics company, for the development of TAOS containing an approved antibiotic. 

Our Future

Locate is evaluating additional pipeline opportunities for local tissue delivery of active agents including peptides, DNA, RNA and cells eg T cells or MSCs. 

The company is also engaging with industry regarding potential collaborations and licensing of its technologies.