About us

Regenerative medicine, particularly gene and cell therapy, will allow us to replenish and heal our bodies. As we continue to harness the power of our biology, treatments will become cures.

Locate Bio is a biotechnology company based in Nottingham, UK. It was established in 2001, as RegenTec Limited and, after developing a substantial intellectual property portfolio, transitioned from contract research into a product development company in 2014. Locate is a privately owned University of Nottingham spin-out and was formed around the research of Professor Kevin Shakesheff, a world-leading key opinion leader within regenerative medicine.

Since 2014, the company has both optimised its TAOS® technology and established its product development capabilities, as indicated by the award of ISO 13485:2016 certification. Its lead product, which is partnered with a leading orthopaedics company is expected to be launched in 2020. 

We have also in-licensed another cutting-edge technology in IntraStem, a promising new transfection technology for cell and gene therapy. The company continues to benefit from the advances and inventions of Professor Shakesheff’s multidisciplinary research team via a fruitful intellectual property pipeline.

Our mission is to provide next generation products, both as tools and treatments, that will allow regenerative medicine to realise its potential. Our proprietary TAOS and Intrastem technologies give Locate a unique opportunity to develop and enable the next generation of cellular and gene therapies.
Nick Staples

Our strategy

We are currently developing a pipeline of products addressing unmet needs in orthopaedic applications. Our lead programme, which incorporates an undisclosed antibiotic into TAOS for the treatment of osteomyelitis, is in late stage development and validates our TAOS platform.

Treatment of osteomyelitis

A TAOS based product for the natural healing of bone which contains a slow release antibiotic for the treatment of osteomyelitis

Accelerated bone repair

A TAOS product containing a human growth factor for accelerated and pronounced bone repair and in particular, spinal fusions 

Stem cells for orthopaedic applications

A TAOS product containing stem cells for other orthopaedic applications.

Looking to the future

Locate is now seeking to broaden its applications of TAOS into non-orthopaedic applications, such as in the CNS, cardiovascular and other important tissues and organs.

In parallel, we are currently evaluating a number of development and partnership opportunities for Intrastem, our next generation transfection technology. This exciting technology has tremendous potential in the cell therapy and gene therapy applications.

Combining our TAOS and Intrastem to technologies provides Locate with the ability to create an optimal environment and to direct the therapeutic effects of cells, both endogenous and implanted, to provide powerful renegerative medicine opportunities.