About us

Locate Bio

Locate Bio Limited is a private, venture backed UK company focused on developing ‘Advanced Medicines’ for local delivery that address complex disease tissue microenvironments locally to achieve disease modification. Our lead two programs are high value spine opportunities (spinal fusion and degenerative disc disease) and we are also evaluating solid tumour opportunities (locoregional cell delivery and cell free TME approaches).


Our therapeutic strategy utilises controlled, therapeutic combinations of cells and or bioactives (small molecules or biologics including DNA, RNA, proteins) delivered locally to diseased tissue where a multifaceted approach is required to control disease and or to stimulate tissue regeneration. This strategy leverages Locate’s proprietary technologies (TAOS® – novel injectable cell and drug delivery tissue matrix and IntraStem™ – intracellular delivery of DNA, RNA, other) and builds on our core expertise of regenerative medicine, biomaterials, and cell and gene delivery, based on the work of Professor Kevin Shakesheff (scientific founder) at the University of Nottingham.

"Our mission is ambitious but our strategy is simple:
use our breakthrough technologies to develop proprietary products in our areas of therapeutic interest, while providing partner companies access to our technologies for use in other therapy areas, so we can improve the lives of patients worldwide." 
Dr Nick Staples

Our History

Based in Nottingham, UK, the company was established in 2001 (as RegenTec Limited) as a spin-out from the University of Nottingham spin-out based on the research of Professor Kevin Shakesheff, a world-leading key opinion leader in regenerative medicine

In 2014, the company signed a partnership with Heraeus Medical, a leading orthopedics company, for the development of TAOS containing an approved antibiotic.  This enabled the company to successfully transition from contract research into a product development company under the name of Locate Therapeutics.

Our Present

Investments from Mercia Asset Management in 2018 and 2019 enabled the company to strengthen its management team with the appointment of Dr Nick Staples as Chief Executive Officer, and John von Benecke as Chief Financial and Chief Operating Officer, and in turn to direct its product focused strategy towards advanced medicines (including cell and gene therapies) that can allow tissue regeneration or control disease by controlling the local tissue microenvironment. Our belief, is that this will provide a step change in treatment outcomes for patients. The company name was amended to Locate Bio Limited.
The lead in-house program, LB001, is a next generation spinal fusion product. It is an injectable putty formulation designed to provide excellent handling and, through controlled release, allows for a lower dose of BMP-2 to be administered delivered during spinal fusions. Preclinical development will commence shortly to enable a first in man clinical study in 2022.
The company also initiated a second pipeline programme, LB002, which is an enhanced cell based therapy programme for degenerative disc disease (DDD), a debilitating chronic and progressive disease. There is currently no effective treatments available that prevent the disease progression, and only limited products in development. Our growth factor enhanced therapy represents a next generation regenerative medicine that is currently in preclinical development.

Our Future

Locate is also evaluating additional pipeline opportunities addressing solid tumour microenvironments (TME). This includes the ability to enhance immuno-oncology cell therapies through locoregional delivery to solid tumours as well as cell free approaches. This utilises the ability of our technologies to deliver additional factors such as cytokines, to directly address the TME.

In addition, the company will engage with industry regarding potential collaborations and licensing of its technologies.