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European Patent for Injectable Scaffold Delivery System

Locate Therapeutics Ltd (“Locate”), the regenerative medicine and devices company, has received notification that it will be granted a new patent covering its TAOS™ (Targeted Orchestrated Signalling matrix) technology across Europe (European Patent No. 2 125 048). The TAOS™ system provides an optimal structure to support tissue repair, whilst also precisely delivering and promoting the actions of locally-applied drugs and emergent biological & cell-based therapies. Locate’s lead product under development is a dual function tissue scaffold/drug-releasing depot designed for osteoinductive orthopaedic repairs. The broad utility of the TAOS™ platform has also led to a number of partnered development programs in other areas of application.

TAOS™ is designed to overcome the limitations of existing injectables for regenerative medicine applications. The product post-injection has both open macroporosity and mechanical strength, whilst solidifying by a novel, biologically-friendly mechanism. TAOS™ further presents a number of unique advantages for the localised delivery of actives. It is able to facilitate sustained release profiles over weeks to months, and the versatility of the system provides advantages when developing formulations for drugs with narrow therapeutic indices. Its use in cell delivery is intended to improve cell viability and localisation, and to provide control over cell fate. Cells can be pre-attached to the scaffold particles, or entrapped within the solidifying matrix.

Robin Quirk, Managing Director of Locate commented: “This notice of grant further strengthens our existing patent estate around TAOS™. We believe that this expanding portfolio of intellectual property gives Locate a unique position from which we can build a strong identity providing delivery matrices for regenerative medicine applications”.

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