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Innovate UK Funding Award for Locate and The University of Nottingham

Locate Therapeutics Ltd (“Locate”), the regenerative medicine development company, and the School of Pharmacy at The University of Nottingham, have been awarded a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to jointly adapt the company’s TAOS™ technology (Targeted, Orchestrated Signaling Matrix) for use in administering therapeutic cells.

Emerging cell therapies have vast potential in the treatment of currently incurable diseases; the potential market for cell-based therapies being over 100 million patients in the US alone. Some of the main targets include heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, spinal cord injury, stroke, autoimmune diseases and trauma.

The partners believe that a current barrier to success is the inefficient clinical administration of these therapies to the patient. Under-developed methods for presenting the cells can result in the majority of the therapy dying or migrating away soon after injection.

The funding award aims to redress this issue by creating purpose-built delivery vehicles that provide protective environments and solidify upon injection, with the aim of improving the survival, localisation, and clinical effectiveness of cell therapies.

Dr Robin Quirk, Chief Executive of Locate, commented: “Our TAOS advanced delivery matrix is proving itself to be a highly versatile technology. With this funding, we aim to demonstrate its potential as a delivery substrate to improve the clinical administration of cell therapies across both hard and soft tissue applications. With the University of Nottingham as a development partner, we will be well supported in this endeavour. We’re excited by the potential of this product in a variety of clinical scenarios”.

Dr Susan Huxtable, Director of Intellectual Property and Commercialisation at The University of Nottingham, added: “It is very good news that Locate has been given this award from Innovate UK. Locate is developing new and innovative technologies with great commercial potential, and this funding will help them to further advance their work”.

For further information please email info@locatebio.com or call +44 (0)115 784 0041.

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