Locate Achieves ISO 13845 Certification

We are pleased to have successfully achieved EN ISO 13845:2016 certification for the design, development, and control of manufacturing of resorbable injectable tissue scaffolds for use in bone repair and regeneration.

Locate is developing a pipeline of combination therapies using its patented polymer-based matrix as a delivery system. The technology, known as TAOS (targeted orchestrated signalling matrix), is a unique regenerative medicine platform that provides optimal structure to support tissue repair. It can accommodate and promote the actions of locally-applied drugs and emergent biological and cell-based therapies. TAOS injectable particulate formulation is thermally-triggered to solidify into a space-filling open-porous depot that supports tissue repair before degrading away.

Locate is also working on the development of CellFuse, a personalised cell therapy aimed at spinal fusion patients with compromised cell populations. Combining TAOS with another proprietary technology IntraStem, the CellFuse project recently received a Biomedical Catalyst award.

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