Our technologies have wide applications in improving the efficacy and safety of cell and gene therapies.​

A unique partnering opportunity

Locate has a unique opportunity of bringing these powerful technologies together, to realise the promise of cell and gene therapies as a potentially curative approaches, both for our partners and our in-house programmes, to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

In addition to medical applications, both technologies also have tremendous opportunities in improving the cost-efficiency of manufacture of cell and gene therapy products. Locate provides non-exclusive licenses to third parties for such applications.

Locate is actively seeking collaborations and other business opportunities – please contact us 


Locate follows a hybrid business model; having in-house product development initiatives (e.g. combination products for orthopedic repair) running in tandem with a platform approach (i.e. partnered programmes for a wide array of regenerative medicine applications).

Our technologies are available for partnering or out-licensing across a wide array of cell therapy, drug delivery and gene therapy applications, as follows:

TAOS® Delivery Platform

A unique injectable, yet highly porous, delivery scaffold for precision delivery of cells and drugs to the regenerative site.

IntraStem<sup class="smallsuperscript" >™</sup>

Cellular uptake peptide with low toxicity and superior efficiency.

TAOS-M (thermoreversible porous matrix)

Porous 3D matrix for trypsin-free culture.