We are willing to provide our powerful technologies to partners so they can help us to improve the lives of patients worldwide

Our two novel technologies can be used separately or combined to deliver advanced medicines locally, either to:

  • achieve high prolonged concentrations at the intended site of action; and / or 
  • to reduce systemic availability, to improve safety and or efficacy; and / or
  • allow combination therapy to address complex diseases eg cell therapy augmented by drug therapy

Opportunities exist for partners to work with us in our core therapy areas and to use our technologies in other therapy areas. In particular, we are evaluating the opportunity to deliver immune cell therapies, such as CAR-T therapies, either directly into or adjacent to the target tumour and to enhance their effects by:

  • Increasing the numbers of cells within the tumour (ie increased trafficking)
  • Reduce systemic exposure to therapies targeted against antigens present in healthy tissues
  • Combating the tumour microenvironment (eg overcoming the immunosuppressive cues)
  • Evidence also suggests that addressing primary tumours can have a positive systemic effect on secondary tumours

Furthermore, there is the opportunity to modify the TME to stimulate and enable the body’s immune system to resolve the tumour without the need for exogenous cell therapy.

Locate is working with a multidisciplinary cancer group at University of Nottingham and is open to direct collaboration and partnering with cell therapy companies or oncology companies in general.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our technologies, our in-house programmes or other areas of potential application.