Locate’s technologies have a wide range of potential clinical applications, both individually and also together as a system.

Our initial product focus has been on orthopaedics indications and these include:

TAOS-undisclosed antibiotic

TAOS incorporating an undisclosed antibiotics for the treatment of osteomyelitis.

This lead programme, which is expected to be on the market in 2020, is partnered with an undisclosed orthopaedics company and has validated the TAOS platform.  


Precision delivery of a bone growth-promoting osteoinductive drug, where a high control of release is mandated. Designed to offer ease of use, safety and efficacy and cost of goods advantages over current products.

TAOS OrthoCell

TAOS based stem cell therapy which is designed to alleviate issues of high cell death and post-transplant migration with non-TAOS stem cell approaches.

TAOS CellFuse for Personalised Treatments

Uses IntraStem technology to rejuvenate patient’s own cells before being implanted using TAOS®. Which is being developed to rectify poor healing capacity in disadvantaged patient groups.

New pipeline opportunities

Locate is exploring regenerative medicine opportunities in heart, brain and other major tissues for both TAOS and InstraStem

IntraStem provides additional product opportunities, as it has a broad range of potential applications including gene therapy and ex vivo cell therapy modification and offers major advantages over current approaches.

Locate is currently evaluating a number of new product opportunities for in-house development and for potential third party collaborations.

For more information on our current development pipeline and for future product opportunities, please see our Partnering page.