We relentlessly pursue high-value opportunities with clear unmet clinical needs

Lead program (LB001)

A salvation therapy for patients who require spinal fusion to overcome debilitating low back pain.

Our lead program (LB001) is in pre-clinical development. It is a salvation therapy for patients who require spinal fusion to overcome debilitating low back pain. 

Because we believe our product should be truly game changing, we bench-mark ourselves against the best attributes of the products currently available and set our design intent to matching those best-in-class standards against each of:-

  1. fusion rates (INFUSE™ and Autograft)
  2. handling / convenience (DBM and Synthetics) and
  3. safety profile (100% synthetic with excellent biocompatibility)

Working with evolution rather than against it, we utilise the well described osteogenic abilities of rhBMP-2, and we set about transforming the release profile, containment, time in the therapeutic window and delivery of the rhBMP-2 into product profile.


Second program (LB002)

Biological renewal of the intervertebral discs of the spine.

Our second program (LB002) is for the biological renewal of the intervertebral discs of the spine. 

Degenerative disc disease is a condition affecting ~ 33 million people in the US and EU. It is a progressive illness where current therapies are stepwise and non-curative. The mainstay of the current treatments is pain relief rather than addressing the underlying biological imbalance within the disc. Up to 50% of all US opioid prescriptions are for back pain. This places patients at long term risk of significant side effects and addiction. 

Our approach brings together our expertise in cell therapies, biologics delivery and tissue scaffolds and will bring to market the first combination approach to this complex condition.

Other programs

We have additional programs in the discovery phase, which are also aimed a high value, unmet clinical needs.

Building on Locate Bio’s history as a contract research organisation, we are working with a corporate partner to develop an antibiotic releasing bone graft product for them.

If you have an interest in a co-development program, our licencing of our products, please get in touch.