A world-first in tissue repair, TAOS® is a unique regenerative medicine technology platform that enhances tissue repair

Optimal tissue healing requires a supportive environment that the body’s regenerative cells and repair factors can permeate and exert their effect.

TAOS® is an advanced tissue matrix which offers a number of important advances over current natural or interventional approaches to tissue healing, including:

TAOS® is a cell and biologics friendly tissue matrix which gently sets at body temperature and can be used to co-deliver and control the delivery of a wide range of drugs.

Locate’s thermosetting process is termed “liquid sintering” and represents a unique and patented mechanism which converts an injectable paste into a porous solid minutes after entering the body. This proprietary approach is designed to be entirely biocompatible and replaces the damaging setting mechanisms (e.g. heat-generating, UV or chemically-induced curing) that limit the use of current products used in tissue repair applications.

The ability to inject the material can reduce the need for invasive surgery, meaning that operation and rehabilitation times and post-operative complications can be reduced. The material then degrades naturally, leaving behind only newly formed tissue within the patient.

The scope of potential products enabled by the TAOS® technology is large; spanning hard and soft tissue applications, and allows for the localised delivery of small molecules, biologicals and cell therapies at the intended site of action.

Locate is developing a number of novel products using TAOS®, focused on orthobiologics applications.