The major challenge facing all pharmaceutical and biomedical companies engaged in developing advanced medicines is how to precisely control their action...

As scientific understanding of our biology deepens, it is increasingly apparent that not only do we need to address the internal machinery of cells, but also their complex microenvironments that provide signals via surface chemistry, soluble factors, local elasticity, cell-to-cell communication and architecture to regulate their action. 

Locate’s platform technologies (IntraStem™ and TAOS® ) are designed to address both these challenges through the delivery of biologics (DNA, RNA, peptides, proteins) directly into cells using IntraStem and the local delivery of biologics, cell and gene therapies within the body using TAOS.

Our two novel technologies can be used separately or combined to deliver advanced medicines locally, either to:

  • achieve high prolonged concentrations at the intended site of action; and / or 
  • to reduce systemic availability, to improve safety and or efficacy; and / or
  • allow combination therapy to address complex diseases e.g. cell therapy augmented by drug therapy