Realising the potential of regenerative medicine

Our proprietary technologies and products are designed to overcome limitations to current regenerative medicine approaches

Regenerative medicine products will heal tissues and organs damaged by age, disease or trauma.

Our technologies

Our proprietary technologies are designed to overcome limitations to current regenerative medicine with promising pre-clinical and clinical data to date support the possibility for treating both acute and chronic diseases and tissue damage.

The major challenge is to ensure that cellular therapies stay at the intended site of action and that they are remain viable in host tissues, so that they can exert their therapeutic effect whilst being safe and well tolerated.

Regenerative medicine products

Our regenerative medicine products have breakthrough potential in areas of unmet need in tissue repair.

Our current development programmes are targeted at orthopaedic applications but Locate is exploring regenerative medicine opportunities in heart, brain and other major tissues.

Working with leaders in the regenerative medicine field

Locate has a pipeline agreement with the University of Nottingham which provides exclusive access to new technological breakthroughs by Locate’s scientific founder, Professor Kevin Shakesheff, and his world-leading regenerative medicine research team.

Partnering opportunities

Our technologies were invented by world-leading regenerative medicine scientists in the UK and have been developed by Locate over several years. 

Our TAOS® technology has been validated through the partnering of our undisclosed lead programme with a specialist orthapaedic company and marketing approval is expected in 2020. 

IntraStem™ provides additional product opportunities, as it has a broad range of potential applications including gene therapy and ex vivo cell therapy modification and offers major advantages over current approaches. Locate is currently evaluating a number of new product opportunities for in-house development and for potential third party collaborations.

Beyond therapeutic opportunities, our technologies also have applications in bioprocessing, genetic manipulation eg CRISPR and other laboratory tools.