Defining the future of Orthobiologics

Locate Bio exists to help surgeons improve the lives of people with debilitating spinal conditions

We are curious about what is possible, but ground all our work in robust scientific evidence

We relentlessly pursue high-value opportunities with clear unmet clinical needs

Building a world leading Orthobiologics company


Product pipeline

Our lead program (LB001) is in pre-clinical development. It is a salvation therapy for patients who require spinal fusion to overcome debilitating low back pain.

Our second program (LB002) is for the biological renewal of the intervertebral discs of the spine.

We have additional programs in the discovery phase, which are also aimed a high value, unmet clinical needs.

Building on Locate Bio’s history as a contract research organisation, we are working with a corporate partner to develop an antibiotic releasing bone graft product for them.

Team to make a difference

Our experienced team is passionate about developing advances in medical products which will improve the lives of patients around the world. Capitalising on our core regenerative medicine expertise we are inherently curious about what is possible, but ground everything we do in robust science.

Our core in-house scientific expertise in regenerative medicine and biomaterial-based bioactive (small molecules and biologics) and cell delivery stems from the research of Professor Kevin Shakesheff (CSO) at the University of Nottingham.

Enabling Technologies

One of the major challenges facing healthcare companies is overcoming the complexity inherent in spinal health, exacerbated by the reduced healing capacity associated with an aging population who often present with multiple comorbidities, where these spinal conditions are most prevalent.

As scientific understanding of our biology deepens, it is increasingly apparent that not only do we need to address the internal machinery of cells, but also their complex microenvironments that provide signals via surface chemistry, soluble factors, local elasticity, cell-to-cell communication and architecture to regulate their action.

Locate’s platform technology (TAOS®) is designed to bring a combination approach to these complex conditions, offering a range of hard and soft tissue matrices which can deliver bioactives (stem cells, small molecules and biologics) at the intended site, for longer.

Kevin Shakesheff

Working with leaders in the regenerative medicine field

Locate has a pipeline agreement with the University of Nottingham which provides exclusive access to new technological breakthroughs through Locate’s scientific founder, Professor Kevin Shakesheff.

Partnering opportunities

Whilst we will not apologise for our ambition, we do recognise that changing the world is best done with a few friends.

We have a long history of performing high quality contract research work, we have a broad design space around our TAOS® platform and specific expertise in combination approaches to the delivery of bioactives and/or cells from tissue matrices in the orthobiologics setting.

Should you be interested in:

  • licencing our technology for your own development and exploitation
  • the co-development of a new product
  • licencing a pipeline product for a new indication and/or territory

Please contact us at